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In life there seems to always be a catchy phrase to be learned or a new idea that needs to be processed. The church is no different with its catchy phrases and new ideas. One of the newer phrases we often hear today is to “make disciples that make disciples”. The phrase sounds so inspiring and it is so true. The Lord taught us and gave us the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish this great mission.  


As we are hear this phrase disciples making disciples everywhere you work, shop, play, eat, study and live, we are often unaware how to implement this into our daily life.  We get the phrase, but the great question is how is that truly lived out? Donnie brings this hands-on approach of answering the why, how, when, and what of making disciples that make disciples. This comes from someone who understands the local church and understands the ministry in the marketplace. Each chapter, page, paragraph, and sentence will encourage, instruct, but most of all bring transformation to what it means to make disciples that make disciples. I will warn you this book will as Donnie says, “WRECK” your OUTLOOK and your life FOCUS as you move from knowledge-based to obedience-based making disciples that make disciples. Enjoy this life transformation of making disciples that make disciples. 


Eric Stitts-Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Daytona Florida


Many churches are under the impression that the Great Commission is fully accomplished when a gospel conversation results in a personal commitment to Christ, but Donnie Thaden brings much needed clarity and balance to show that our Lord’s command is not merely fulfilled by a one-time event but a lifelong journey of transformation. 

In what is one of the most comprehensive books on discipleship that I’ve ever read, Thaden explains what it means to follow Jesus from every angle. He not only covers the initial costs and challenges of following Christ in a fallen world, but also discusses the ongoing needs of grace, Scripture, prayer, humility, community and fellowship, and wisdom for overcoming spiritual warfare. However, while this book offers many practical insights for how to follow Jesus personally, it also equips believers to lead others into this lifelong journey of faith – from those in our homes and neighborhoods to those scattered among the nations. 


Justin Terrell-Sr. Pastor First Baptist Church Dandridge TN


“I love that Donnie is both incredibly passionate about discipleship and also a wonderful example and practitioner of it. This book is an incredibly clear and scripturally saturated overview of discipleship that hits each angle of why every believer needs to embrace the call to discipleship! I love how Donnie emphasizes the importance of the relational and community based side of discipleship. The end goal isn’t to learn more about Jesus, but rather to live, think, and become more like Him! That only comes through a growing relationship with God and deep, honest relationships with others! This book does a great job unpacking why discipleship is so important and how to apply it in each area of life. I pray that every reader soaks in the content of this great book and is deeply inspired to make disciples immediately. We desperately need churches full of disciple makers not just seat takers!” 


Chris Hall-Connections &Men’s Minister Lifepoint Church Smyrna Tn and Navigator for Replicate



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